Custom Hardware

Accelerated Sourcing

Collaborate better and ship faster with suppliers you know.
Find the perfect suppliers to handle hard to build parts, supply interruptions, forecast changes, and more.

The Connected Industrial Network

Tap a network of over suppliers to build and collaborate with the best partners for you.

The Hardware Sourcing Force Multiplier

Email less. Build more.

Turn the complex, manual process of communicating with, vetting, and selecting suppliers into a fast and reliable experience. Adding data and automation to a few key steps of the sourcing process lets you frequently access new suppliers with less time and effort.



Find suppliers from across complete supplier classes, not narrowly curated lists.

Our data is constantly expanding with over 450,000 suppliers across North America currently indexed and reachable.



Upload 2D drawings, 3D drawings, and process documents.

Cogbase extracts specifications to match supplier lists tailored to your needs.



Securely send just the right details to every supplier suited to build your parts.

Get the supplier data you need to vet and select the right partners for you.



Build parts with the best suppliers for you.

Extend your network to include every supplier offering price, schedule, quality, and risk improvements for your team.

Reach suppliers for every part in your BOM

A broad range of mechanical and electrical suppliers are indexed, classified, and reachable in the Industrial Index. Search for suppliers with your ideal capabilities to inform designs and decision making. Reach them to get quotes, proposals, feedback, and add them to your network.


Sheet Metal Fabrication
Sheet Metal Assembly
CNC Machining
Casting & Forging
Mechanical Contract Manufacturing


Cable & Wire Harness Assembly
Printed Circuit Board Assembly
Electro Mechanical Services
Electronics Contract Manufacturing
Injection Molding

Stronger supply networks drive ROI at every stage of production

Scale Up

  • Faster part and assembly sourcing
  • Shorter build schedules
  • Faster time to market
  • Control costs without sacrificing speed
  • Go further with the team you have

Steady Production

  • Continuously cost-down your BOM
  • Eliminate sole sourced parts
  • Diversify supplier geographies
  • Add new DEI and ESG compliant suppliers

Critical Moments

  • End supply interruptions fast
  • Replace suppliers with quality issues
  • Respond in real time to global events like tariffs, closed ports, and more
  • Find specialized suppliers to fill strategic roles in your supply chain

Custom Hardware

Accelerated Sourcing