Strategic Sourcing you can actually use

Industrial supply chains are driven by relationships - and they should be. The expertise to build complex custom parts is a precious resource worth investing in. The trouble is that too many of these relationships are marriages of convenience driven by tight build schedules and locked in by inertia.

We built Cogbase to ensure that every team can build a network of supplier relationships from a position of strength. This requires radically increasing the frequency, speed, and precision with which you access new suppliers.

Cogbase is built on several technical innovations including the Industrial Index and the Progressive Disclosure System which come together in sourcing campaigns which both make this increased supplier access possible and make it fit within your existing time and resource constraints.

Sourcing Campaigns Step-by-step

A sourcing campaign is a combination of data and workflow automation which lets you to go from a part design to one or more matched suppliers you know to be the best in the market at producing your part. Every step leverages the Cogbase Industrial Index of over 450,000 suppliers to give you confidence that each campaign identifies the best possible suppliers.


Search the Industrial Index

Build one or more target supplier lists by conducting searches of our Industrial Index.

Select your suppliers with easy filters by location, annual revenue, headcount, certifications, materials, industries served, and more. Further refine suppliers by adding keywords to identify suppliers strongly differentiated by nearly any relevant term.



Sync part data to your search

Upload parts in any format (PDF, PRT, DWG, SLDPRT, etc). Quickly tag and extract key specifications from drawings yourself or have Cogbase do it for you.



Engage suppliers quickly at scale

Kick off multi-channel contact efforts to engage suppliers. Suppliers receive access to non-sensitive order details which allow them to quickly decide whether the work is a good fit for them, and either move forward on your campaign or give feedback on why they don’t want the work.



Extend your supplier network

Add suppliers with superior pricing, lead time, quality, and other capabilities from your campaigns to your network. Easily track and share your team’s knowledge of which suppliers are good and bad for different parts in your BOM.


Record Your Wins

Each Cogbase campaign returns clear ROI in
saved money, saved time, and reduced risk.

A warehouse robotics company realized direct cost savings of 20% ($30,000) on a single order relative to an existing supplier which had been found with a professional sourcing agent

A consumer electronics company saw 90% price reduction on combined metal fabrication and product assembly ($1,000 per part to $100 per part)

A robotics company found a US based alternative to Chinese wire harness suppliers which had become unreliable. The buyer managed to realize a 5% per unit cost savings while also decreasing lead times and increasing supplier responsiveness, and dropping their dependency on tariffs and import delays

An electric vehicle company selected a strategic wire harness supplier to replace an existing supplier responsible for $10M in annual wire harness purchases. The replacement supplier was awarded in time to avoid line-down interruption caused by the existing supplier’s unexpected financial difficulties

A robotics company discovered and awarded a new mechanical contract manufacturer for complete assembly of a 50’ agricultural robot. Discovery and award completed in 8 business days and achieved gains in pricing and production volume over the previous supplier

An electric vehicle company completed research, contact, and supplier selection for a major new strategic supplier in 3 weeks without needing to dedicate a staff member to the project full time. Previous efforts to find and award suppliers at this scale took the same customer 12+ months with two 1.5 dedicated headcount on the project for the duration

An autonomous vehicle company completed research, contact, and supplier selection for a new US based contract manufacturer to 10x their monthly unit production in 3 weeks. The company’s COO assesses that he personally saved at least 40 hours of work himself while also reaching a wider universe of potential suppliers

Rinse Repeat

The real power of Cogbase is that by making each individual campaign a quick, easy, repeatable process you can reproduce these results across your entire BOM.

Cogbase customers are getting to market faster, completing more of their bill of materials each year, and controlling cost and risk all without needing to build sprawling supply chain teams.

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